Hello Green WIngs Man Wiki,

I am Claireblue (Founder) and this week I will be planning to encourage my friend Hazel Greene to join Wikia on her 13th birthday this year, 25th April 2016 to help me support he wiki and my blog Valid Place of the Taken. I chose her because she loves the concept of Irish Cyborgs and maybe she can help me expand it so I can get Green Wings Man to be popular online so that wway it might end up in bookshops as a book. It came to me when I remeber last year so so when she said that fans of Inspector Gadget (the inspiration for Green WIngs Man) and I thought "Yes! that's it!" so sometime on Google+ I will talk to her about and give her a guide to it and show her how to edit and things and get her to spread it through Google+ and one up a community.

So yeah.

This is Claireblue signing out!